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Hello World!

Let's be honest: this is not my first attempt at writing a blog. I like words.

I like to spend time reading blogs and exploring personal home pages. Of course, I'm talking about sites with stories, helpful articles, or just interesting stuff. Typical websites that promote a "personal brand"; sites full of trackers or ads; sites that don't work without javascript for no reason – they all suck.

A site with homemade recipes? Interesting! A blog of a developer who creates compilers? Definitely interesting! A site about bears? A website with a digitized collection of film photos from the 20th century that were found on eBay? The blog of a man who decided to visit every country in the world? A collection of gifs that were popular in 2003? Reviews of old hardware from the early 2000s, written by a guy from Sweden? I'd love to read it! That's what the internet was created for.

I wish there were more websites on the Internet like above. I hope this will be one of them. Wish me luck with this.

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  1. Some Guy wrote on

    Wow, that's very cool.

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