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  1. Tonsky wrote on

    ha-ha, make it yellow

    Sergei Kolesnikov replied:

    Done! Feel free to apply the Tonsky color scheme ;-)

  2. Юрий wrote on

    Как я сюда попал и что я здесь делаю я не понимаю

    Translated message:

    I don't understand how I got here and what I'm doing here.

  3. Ed wrote on

    Came here by invitation. Didn't expect anything, but absolutely fell in love with this holiday, New Year's Eve vibes.


  4. a wrote on


  5. seraph wrote on

    your site is so neat!!

  6. Sarkhan wrote on

    What an awesome oldschool website!
    Amazed at life game and beautiful photos]

  7. val wrote on

    Hi! Just found this place, you have some incredible photos and I wish you the absolute best from Michigan, US! <3

  8. Lu wrote on

    hello sergei!! your photographs are incredible, I love the city shots & the composition of the plane.

    keeping the space background as an option was a clever workaround, I'm glad you didn't remove them! it's the official background of the world wide web after all :)

    Sergei Kolesnikov replied:


  9. bee wrote on


  10. bex wrote on

    Your photos are gorgeous, keep it up! :)

  11. Alex wrote on

    well what a nice website!

  12. yiming wrote on

    Hi! Your pictures looks awesome!! And the entire website is so classic, love it!

  13. Ms. Sassy wrote on

    Hello! I am typing on an old laptop from 2005 using puppy linux. Still works! :)

    Sergei Kolesnikov replied:

    I'm glad to hear that!

  14. KOCATKA wrote on

    Your photos are amazing, and site is beautiful!

  15. Lyse wrote on

    Hey mate,

    you have some absolutely amazing photos, I love them! I just had to block the background GIFs, they hurt my eyes very badly.

    I'm looking forward to more pictures and a writeup on the technical side of how your site is generated. :-)


    Sergei Kolesnikov replied:

    Thank you! That's very nice to hear!

    That's the reason why those background GIFs were added to the website :D
    I'll remove them in mid-January.

  16. Denis wrote on

    With Best Regards!

  17. Zach wrote on

    I thought the game of life post was a really interesting collaborative process!

  18. will wrote on

    Really liking that "alternative" look for your site. love you xoxo

  19. Neri wrote on

    I love your pics! :-)

  20. AlexK wrote on

    Just 5.85KB transferred!

    We definitely need more websites like this in the World Wide Web.

  21. Screem wrote on

    Loving the aesthetic of your site! Haven't seen a guestbook for a very long time either, a very familiar and welcome edition :D

  22. McKinley wrote on

    Found your site from twtxt, I like the (new) design. Looks kind of familiar, though... ;)

    When will we get the obligatory blog post about how the blog works? I would be interested to read it. Also, would you consider adding an RSS feed?

    Sergei Kolesnikov replied:

    I will definitely write an article on how this site works (spoiler: makefile) soon!

    I plan to add an RSS when the Photography and Blog sections of the site will be finished. I think there will be two or three RSS feeds available: blog, photos, and (maybe) news from the home page.

  23. Nirfse wrote on

    Hey, Sergei!

    I have really enjoyed your webpage. That's how we did it back in late 1990's! Today's webmasters still have a lot to learn in terms of performance and architectural clarity. If these principles were pursued, the internet would be a much better place.

    Unfortunately, photo files in the photo gallery are of tremendous size—up to 1.86MB each 😱, hence I couldn't load any of them with my modem connection. Hope you'll be able to optimize image files in no time (check the jpegoptim utility from a fellow webmaster Timo Kokkonen at

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to your private Telnet server next.

    Best regards,