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What I’m doing now

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Reading Books

I am reading too many books in parallel: “Theater of the World: The Maps that Made History” by Thomas Reinertsen Berg, “Bullshit Jobs. A Theory” by David Graeber, and re-reading CLRS.

Playing Games


From time to time, I play NFS: Most Wanted on my 19-inch Lacie Electron Blue IV CRT monitor, but I still have plans to play GTA III, as I want to complete the original trilogy of the GTA series.


I finished playing Heavy Rain on PlayStation 3. It’s okayish, but in my opinion, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is a lot better than the more famous Heavy Rain.

My PlayStation collection has grown: I bought a PlayStation Vita. So now I have a PlayStation 3, 4, 5, and Vita. I must admit, I got hooked on Persona 4 Golden on Vita. I also started Final Fantasy HD, but decided not to play it for now because I don’t even have enough time for Persona 4. Since my Vita has a PlayStation Portable emulator, I would also like to play GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Vice City Stories.

Watching Movies & TV Series

I was recommended to watch “Jojo Rabbit”, and I was expecting it to be an average movie, but it turned out to be surprisingly good. I’m finishing the fifth season of The Wire and also the fifth season of Sex and the City, but I’ve also started watching Tokyo Vice. I plan to catch up on the second season of Twin Peaks and the fourth season of The Sopranos later on.

Taking Photos

I had a great photoshoot in June, and the model turned out to be an incredibly interesting person. I’m eagerly waiting for the next photoshoot. I’m considering posting the photos from these photoshoots on the website. After a lot of searching, I finally found a great deal on a Nikon 24/1.4G lens and bought it.


This month I still have plans for the release of a new version of GNOME RunCat with a number of new features.

Doing Science

I’m still writing a research paper on my PhD research procrastinating.


I’ve visited Saint Petersburg this month.


Finally, I’m currently working as a software engineer at