Sergei Kolesnikov

Welcome to Sergei Kolesnikov's personal home page!

I'm Sergei Kolesnikov (a.k.a. win0err): software engineer, photographer, and professional procrastinator.
I write computer programs and create websites.

This is my personal corner of the web. I blog here on topics like engineering, photography, and travel.

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How to reach me

PGP-signed contacts are available at contacts page. If you want to ask something, just drop me an email. I will usually replay in less than a week.

Please use plaintext instead of HTML in emails. If possible, encrypt emails using GnuPG/PGP (see contacts page for details about using it), attach your public key to the email or a way to get it.

About this website

I’m happy to see people are accessing my page from all over the world!

I try to follow Tim Berners-Lee’s “Cool URIs don’t change” rule. If you’ve found a broken link, typo, or grammatical inaccuracy on my website, please contact me in any convenient way.

This website is intended to work on older computers, some of which cannot support the HTTPS protocol, either due to new algorithms or CPU/RAM limitations. Therefore, both HTTP and HTTPS are supported. Feel free to use any of them.

This website is designed not to be bloated. It’s a static HTML/CSS site that uses system fonts. Additionally, all images are compressed before publishing. There are some small client-side scripts, but this website works perfectly with JavaScript turned off. There are no advertisements here. This website is 100% cookie-free.

This site is always under construction. Browse it with your favorite browser or terminal program!

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This website is presented in different color schemes. Choose the color scheme that you like: Black (default), Tonsky, Panther, Sky, or Space.

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