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  1. bee wrote on


  2. bex wrote on

    Your photos are gorgeous, keep it up! :)

  3. Alex wrote on

    well what a nice website!

  4. yiming wrote on

    Hi! Your pictures looks awesome!! And the entire website is so classic, love it!

  5. Ms. Sassy wrote on

    Hello! I am typing on an old laptop from 2005 using puppy linux. Still works! :)

    Sergei Kolesnikov replied:

    I'm glad to hear that!

  6. KOCATKA wrote on

    Your photos are amazing, and site is beautiful!

  7. Lyse wrote on

    Hey mate,

    you have some absolutely amazing photos, I love them! I just had to block the background GIFs, they hurt my eyes very badly.

    I'm looking forward to more pictures and a writeup on the technical side of how your site is generated. :-)


    Sergei Kolesnikov replied:

    Thank you! That's very nice to hear!

    That's the reason why those background GIFs were added to the website :D
    I'll remove them in mid-January.

  8. Denis wrote on

    With Best Regards!

  9. Zach wrote on

    I thought the game of life post was a really interesting collaborative process!

  10. will wrote on

    Really liking that "alternative" look for your site. love you xoxo

  11. Neri wrote on

    I love your pics! :-)

  12. AlexK wrote on

    Just 5.85KB transferred!

    We definitely need more websites like this in the World Wide Web.

  13. Screem wrote on

    Loving the aesthetic of your site! Haven't seen a guestbook for a very long time either, a very familiar and welcome edition :D

  14. McKinley wrote on

    Found your site from twtxt, I like the (new) design. Looks kind of familiar, though... ;)

    When will we get the obligatory blog post about how the blog works? I would be interested to read it. Also, would you consider adding an RSS feed?

    Sergei Kolesnikov replied:

    I will definitely write an article on how this site works (spoiler: makefile) soon!

    I plan to add an RSS when the Photography and Blog sections of the site will be finished. I think there will be two or three RSS feeds available: blog, photos, and (maybe) news from the home page.

  15. Nirfse wrote on

    Hey, Sergei!

    I have really enjoyed your webpage. That's how we did it back in late 1990's! Today's webmasters still have a lot to learn in terms of performance and architectural clarity. If these principles were pursued, the internet would be a much better place.

    Unfortunately, photo files in the photo gallery are of tremendous size—up to 1.86MB each 😱, hence I couldn't load any of them with my modem connection. Hope you'll be able to optimize image files in no time (check the jpegoptim utility from a fellow webmaster Timo Kokkonen at

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to your private Telnet server next.

    Best regards,